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Strategy of the Fund

Taking into account current market situation, the fund’s strategy includes investment in the moderate-risk and average-risk instruments. The manager forms a portfolio of assets of reliable issuers and commercial real estate, which have a high potential of rise in value. Depending on the market environment, their proportions are changed.

Structure of the fund’s assets varies subject to the current stage of the global economic cycle, reaching 70% of portfolio for one financial instrument in the periods of growth of global economy, reducing to 30-50% during stagnation and going down to 20% during recession of the other instrument.

For determination of the current stage of the global economic cycle we use an econometric model, which allows to build an optimal portfolio structure depending on the forecasted changes in the leading indicators of Ukrainian economy and the moods of market participants.

By application of the model of valuation of business and analyzing the issuers’ financial statements, the analysts select those assets from an array of available financial instruments, which have the highest growth potential.

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1. Securities of Ukrainian issuers with growth potential;
2. Corporate rights in undervalued companies;
3. Commercial real estate;
4. Energy-efficient technologies;
5. Companies operating in power, machine-building and transportation industries.

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