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Main Characteristics of the Fund

Full name of the investment fund UnitNon-Diversified Closed Investment Fund "Fund of Reconstruction and Development"
Type of the fund Closed
Kind of the fund Non-diversified
Short name of the fund UNCIF "Fund of Reconstruction and Development"
Term of the fund 20 years from the date of registration in the Unified State Register of Joint Investment Institutes
Form of the fund Book-entry
Issue form Registered

Unit Non-Diversified Closed Investment Fund (hereinafter – UNCIF) "Fund of Reconstruction and Development" is becoming accessible for a wide circle of investors, as it has a low entry threshold and offers its clients a simple and convenient variant of investing in the promising companies, as well as securities and real estate having the highest growth potential.

Undervalued assets in a form of shares, real estate and corporate rights can become the best investment on the horizon of the coming 3-5 years. This concerns various scenarios of development of global economy: from possible shift of the investors to real assets in the event of a financial market slump to new upsurge in demand against the background of economic recovery.

An idea to form a fund based on undervalued assets is advantageous, because various market sectors are influenced by completely different fundamental factors, which allows to form a portfolio at any time relying upon several ideas at once and so protect the investments.

Management Company Data

Full name of the AMC Limited Liability Asset Management Company "Olimp Asset Investment"
Short name of the fund Olimp Asset Investment LLAMC
AMC code according to OKPO 38290733
Location of AMC Room 001, 1/27 Marii Pryimachenko Blvd., Kiev, 01042, Ukraine
USD            BID


1. Securities of Ukrainian issuers with growth potential;
2. Corporate rights in undervalued companies;
3. Commercial real estate;
4. Energy-efficient technologies;
5. Companies operating in power, machine-building and transportation industries.

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